Custom Goddess & Spiritual Warrior Malas

My mala is one of my most precious pieces of jewelry. The crystals chosen are perfectly curtailed to what I needed in my journey. Elli uses true intuitive guidance to bring the stones needed for each individual and my own could not have been more spot on. The feel of the bracelet not only resonates with me, but with where I am trying to go. I can’t stand to not have it on me. I recommended my loved one get one as well! A sacred tool for healing, deeply treasured. Thank you Elli!”
— Erica, 2018


The term 'mala' is a Sanskrit word for "meditation garland." Malas have been used for thousands of years by yogis and spiritual seekers to keep their minds focused during meditation.  They were traditionally used to count the repetition of a mantra in a type of meditation called Japa Meditation. Mala beads can be made of many materials. We use a wide variety of quality gemstones, sandalwood, rudraksha seeds and accent pieces.

Each Be Magic Mala is custom designed, based on my channeling, for the benefit of the recipient. Crystals and stones are intuitively selected for metaphysical properties, and the design has your unique essence in mind. You may request specific qualities such as grounding, clarity, protection, etc., colors that you prefer, or leave it entirely up to me. I don't have to know you personally or the recipient of the mala to channel what you need.

After each mala is made, they get toned with my crystal bowls (C# and F#), cleared with shaman water and palo santo, and receive a special blessing.  Additionally, you will receive a hand-written note describing some of the metaphysical qualities of stones or other symbols included in your mala. You will love the energetic potency and uniqueness of your mala.

Mala Bracelets and full 108 + guru bead mala necklaces are available. Your Be Magic mala is always one-of-a-kind, like you!

Check out some examples of custom malas. Men's, women's and children's styles available. 

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Most mala bracelets are $44 (add $5 for shipping unless hand delivered)

Payment can be made via cash, venmo or paypal. 

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