Creativity - First Blog Post

This is not my first blog post ever, in life, just for this website. Haha :) And why the fuck is it impossible to type without imagining emoti-fucking-cons??? Like, in my head was the laughy-crying dude after that first sentence. So fucking stupid. What is wrong with us? You know you do it too, don’t even front.

So anyway, I decided about 10 minutes ago, while driving to work, that I would start a blog again. Just because about 13 ideas came to me in less than a minute. (13 is the Goddess number, btw. 13 moon cycles in a year, etc. etc.) I’m a numerology person. Angel numbers; all that shit. I suspect many of you reading this are too, since this is one way our guides, angels, archangels and ascended masters are communicating with us at this time. And, I’m sure if I keep writing these posts “stream of consciousness” which, I suspect is the only way I’ll get it done, and the way it will be most entertaining, then the numerology thing will come up again.  See, this is so interesting to me! I had no idea when I started typing that I would write anything about numerology, or angels. I naturally write this way after years of doing morning pages.  You “artist’s way” people know what I’m talking about. If you don’t, go read the artist’s way! Or don’t. I actually don’t’ care if you read it, do the work, or not. I trust that whoever is meant to do it will. I will tell you, that I can pretty much tell who has done the course; because they are super interesting and have more aligned, creative and badass lives.

Fuck, it’s so easy to get off on tangents. This is how our minds work though. Jumping from one thing to the next. Most of our conversations do to. Do you ever notice that? Let’s all take a deep breath and focus. That’s what I just did. Get super present.

So my point is, I’m going to perhaps start this blog, even if I suck at writing. Because frankly, I don’t give a fuck. I mean that from the bottom of my heart. I do not give a fuck if this sucks, if no one reads it, if no one thinks it’s funny, if people judge it. It just doesn’t really matter. THIS is creativity. Creativity is GOD expressing through you. Your amazingly, fucked up, weird, beautiful, unique vessel. And this is our work. To let that life force flow through us. As authentically, and as un-restrictedly as possible. The alternative is stagnation. And that’s not sexy. And I have way too much creative life-force energy to not create some Epic shit; and to not create just plain shit too. (Tongue sticking out laughy emoticon here……maybe 3 of them for emphasis) And, when I say creative life force energy, I do mean sexual energy as well.  Your creative energy and your sexual energy are not separate. Your second chakra is where that universal life force energy, that enters your human energy field through your first chakra, gets transmuted into human life force. But that is a much deeper lessen.  I’m not actually saying I have too much, because energy is all infinite, and we are all channels. It is just my channel is pretty open after years and years of healing work, emotional processing, and doing my best to align with GOD/GODDESS. The other day I had 12 orgasms in maybe a 4 hour span. No bullshit. But I digress. So I’ll probably write about orgasms and sex and stuff too. Because that’s interesting to me and I love it. Also, because I feel like that’s part of my soul mission on this planet.

My curiosity is now calling me elsewhere. More soon, and Namaste you fucking weirdos that actually read this. Lolol. But seriously, I love you. <3 <3 <3