The Killer in me

The killer in me could destroy everything in site,

She could snap you like a little fucking twig.

The killer in me in me could torch you with a breath of flames,

and stab you in the heart with laser beams shooting out of her eyes.

The killer in me could melt you to nothing with the power of her mind,

Crush you to dust in her palm.

The killer is that primal life force whose motive is not to DIE.

To KILL rather than BE killed.

The killer is the little girl whose perception is the absence of love,

Whose pain is like suffocation from not receiving the breath of light.

It's delusion, yet instinctual,

It's raw truth, yet a piece of the whole.

On the spectrum of duality, between destruction and creation,

All somehow expressions of the LOVE animating it all.

It's primal, I understand her,

the embodiment makes me whole.

I see her beauty, so I have to love her,

The killer in me, I will integrate,

To heal the killer in us ALL.