My 2 cents about the Trump

 Guess what, I did not shed a tear about this………I don’t even know what to call it……fiasco, joke, this, “wait, did I just wake up in an alternate reality where it is considered acceptable behavior to brag about sexual assault and to talk down to the former US secretary of state on the presidential debate stage?” ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?!?! So, yea, I didn’t cry, and I wasn’t depressed for a week about it like most people in my social circles in this rainbow, unicorn bubble of the greater Seattle metropolitan area. It doesn’t mean I don’t care, and don’t get me wrong, I was for sure a little shocked that so many people in this country are that “sick” to actually click the button or fill in the bubble for this sorry excuse for a human. Also, I don't own a TV, so I wasn't succumb to media dramatization and rhetoric for hours and days on end. I caught pieces of the votes coming in when I stopped at the gym, on the way home from work, on that now infamous Tuesday night.

I will tell you why I’m not afraid or depressed or even that angry about this outcome. It seems clear to me, that the soul buried deep inside of this sociopathic, egotistical, sick, misogynistic, dickhead, signed up for this mission before incarnating onto this planet. It is actually an important mission. The outcome of this election, and this symbolic caricature that Trump represents, is bringing to the surface the “sickness” and mis-alignment that still exists in our society and collective conscious. Just like our own healing process of clearing our pain, trauma, limiting belief systems, etc. they must be triggered, brought to the surface, seen, illuminated and processed by feeling and looking at the stuff we weren’t ready to deal with.  This is some big stuff that is coming up, but now I think it’s more clear than ever, especially for those that live in more “aware” or “enlightened” lala land, that we still have a lot of work to do, a lot of cleansing. (OMG, I just had this image of smudging the entire country. Someone, please……. get ALL the Palo Santo up in this bitch!!! That would be amazing. :D )

 It is also important to remember this, hurt people hurt people. Just think about it for yourself. If I am ever mean or angry or hurt someone, it is because I am hurt and wounded on the inside. So imagine, what have the Trump, and all of these racist, misogynistic people been through to be like this? What kind of trauma? I don’t even think I want to know, because clearly, it is really fucked up. Can we find compassion in there somewhere? For our collective shadow? Some unconditional love, even? Just like I hope we do for the wounded, fucked-up parts of ourselves.

I want to be clear, I am not naïve to the shortcomings of Hillary Clinton and the malevolent ways of the Establishment. Part of me is glad that this outcome, at least in theory, repudiates its corruption. I am no expert on politics, like I said, I don’t even watch TV anymore. :p So all I really want to get across is this, to the Goddesses, light workers and warriors of light, anyone that feels a resonance of truth in your heart, be not afraid. That vibration does not help things. Be empowered. My faith and awareness tells me that everything is always exactly as it is meant to be, and all is being worked out for the highest good. Our higher selves even collectively decided on this all along, as ridiculous as that might seem in the present.

Stand strong. Let the fire in your belly and the light in your heart burn and radiate brighter than ever. I chose this image of this fierce Goddess because I feel like it represents US, the ones who will not put up with shit! We can radiate Love and be empowered at the same time. Our true power comes from living through our hearts. Yes, our society still has real issues. In college, when I use to jog at the park, I carried a handful of rocks. You know why? Because I have major fire in my belly, and I do not put up with any shit. One day I was sick of people that would drive by and yell shit out the window. So I picked up rocks and threw them. And from that day on, I had a handful of rocks always ready in my car, and when I jogged they were in my hands. There were plenty of times I used them too. If a dude or a car full of dudes would yell out something, I would start sprinting after them and throw rocks at their fucking car. Some people thought I was crazy, but I DON’T GIVE A FUCK. If their car got fucked up, they fucking deserve it, because I have every right as a sacred human being to run and exercise wherever and whenever the fuck I want, and to be left alone.  Anytime a semi-truck would drive by me while I was driving, and pull their stupid ass horn, I would honk back loud as fuck, flip them off and yell FUCK YOU ASSHOLE!! Or something to that effect. Just because that is not okay with me and I’m going to express my emotions and speak my fucking truth, and if anyone dares to fuck with me, they picked the wrong fucking human.  I can tell you that with 1000% confidence. It is sad and fucked up that we have to even think about, or put up with this in our daily lives. So I do understand where everyone’s anger and emotions come from, due to the outcome of this election. AND, let’s keep doing our light work to move us even more towards a heart-centered, awakened society. Let’s keep consciously creating our lives, our experiences and KNOW that we are powerful GOD/GODDESS. Be still and know.

Then perhaps one day, when we live in 5th dimensional bliss of one love and heaven on Earth, we can look back at this time in history and laugh about it. Because sometimes that is the best healing remedy of all.  Laughter. God/Goddess has a fucked up sense of humor. I have learned that much for sure. Aho.  Blessings sparkly, rainbow, unicorn family. ;)

P.S. If you voted for him, I still love you too. ;) I actually have a friend who voted for him. He is the only person that admitted it to my face. He is white and older, but pretty conscious and aware, so I was kind of shocked. However, we are still friends. :) Just sayin'