A healer is anyone who stands as a bridge between spirit and matter, and volunteers to be an instrument for Light to be brought to bear on Earth.
— Jonathan Goldman

"Elli is a born healer; an angel of light: she has a divine gift that one can feel just being in her presence. If you are hurting, she can help you."

- Michael D., Charlottesville, VA

"Elli is a magical superhuman healing queen.  I came to her struggling with grief, fears around receptivity, and family of origin issues.  Quickly, and with ease, she helped me see a surprise underlying cause, and to lift and heal patterns of fear, lack, and sorrow. In our work together I began to feel calmer, more in my body, and with more gratitude, joy, and presence for life.  Weaving together deep compassion with holographic energy medicine, Elli's healing work is potent medicine for the physical, emotional, and energetic body.  Highly recommended!"

-Asherah Eden, Alchemical Catalyst for Divine Feminine Therapists, Oakland, CA (www.asheraheden.com)

"Elli's yin classes are penciled into my schedule as dates with my soul!...."

- Emi P., student

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