I align galactic goddesses and spiritual warriors to the potency of their power,

so they can live in the ecstacy of their soul purpose.

“The wound is the place where the LIGHT enters you.”
— Rumi

Energy healing is a multi-dimensional, hands-on modality that addresses all aspects of your being. Emotions, thoughts, belief systems and spiritual bodies all affect our well-being and are interconnected. Energy healing clears incoherent energies such as, old trauma, unprocessed emotions and limiting belief systems. I will ground and align your energetic field so you feel your most vibrant and effective. Since your energy field is primary to, or precedes your physical body; meaning it’s the blueprint for your physical body, Energy healing gets to  the root source of your issue, rather than addressing the symptoms. Ultimately, this multi-dimensional modality, puts you in alignment with your own power, and connects you to your higher self and purpose..

Who could benefit from energy healing?

  • If you have experienced trauma of any kind.

  • Chronic illness or injury

  • TBI - traumatic brain injury

  • Adrenal fatigue

  • Depression/anxiety

  • Cancer

  • Addiction

  • Fibromyalgia

  • Feeling "disconnected" from yourself, from Source or your purpose

My soul mate client:  My energy healing clients are often spiritual leaders, meaning you are conscious that your soul has a mission to help humanity. You are here to shift paradigms and to be a living example of more authentic way to live. You likely already have a meditation or spiritual practice and are very intuitive, or "tapped in." You may be going through a transition in your life, or you have gone through a big awakening or transformation experience. You are looking for deep healing emotionally and soul alignment in your career and relationships, and ultimately alignment with your soul's highest purpose.

How it works: Surrounding and interpenetrating the physical body is the energy field. Your field is comprised of structured grid levels and more "fluid" levels. I work directly on your energy system, with my hands, through your 7 chakras and the 7 levels of your field to promote optimum functioning and enhanced well-being.

Preparation for a session:  

  • What is your intention?

  • What feels out of balance?

  • What is on the surface today to clear/address?

  • Bodily pain?

  • Unhealthy patterns/belief systems?

  • What is showing up in your relationships?

  • Do you know or feel in alignment with your purpose?

What to expect in a session:  Sessions are done on a massage table and fully clothed. It generally takes about 3 days or so to process a healing, so drink extra water and take good care of yourself. Be conscious of anything emotional that comes up, with the awareness that this could be part of the clearing process. It is recommended to avoid alcohol or drugs before and after a session.

This is all done in sacred space and with the help of your own spirit guides and angels, as well as mine.Energy healing sessions are also available from a distance, via phone or skype, since the quantum field is non-local.

  • Be Magic Activation Session- $222: Initial consult + energy healing session: 1.5-2 hours *Your Be Magic Activation session signifies stepping through a portal from an ordinary life into a life reflective of your most magical soul's expression. This is a powerful message to the Universe that you are ready and making a commitment to integrate with your higher-self and step into your true soul purpose.

  • 4 pack: - $444: includes Be Magic Activation session (1.5 hr) + three 60 minute energy healing sessions.

  • 8 pack: - $880: Be Magic Activation session (1.5 hr) + seven 60 minute energy healing sessions.

  • 12 pack: - $1122 (if paid in full) 2 payments of $622 or 3 payments of $433 also available. Be Magic Activation session (1.5 hr) + one 75 min mid-way session+ ten 60 minute energy healing sessions. (12 pack includes a custom channeled Be Magic Mala bracelet.)

  • Single Session- (75 min energy healing) $155

* We love referrals <3 receive 11% off your next purchase when you refer a client

*We adhere to a 48 hour cancellation/reschedule policy. Please provide 48 hours notice to avoid a full session charge.*


    If you are feeling a "yes!" let's connect!

              In true soul mate client relationships, we have already made a soul contract to work together.                   

“Light is not a metaphor. Spiritual light is an actual universal force that comes where it is called and where conditions are hospitable for it to enter. The result of the interaction of the choice for faith and the arrival of light is a healing process that results in greater availability to the most powerful universal force – love. It is love that heals and it is love that is the result of healing.”

— Jonathan Goldman


"Getting my first energy healing from Elli was an amazing experience.  While I was familiar with the general idea, I had no extensive knowledge of the process or really what to expect.  That being said, I came in with an open mind and a receptive attitude.  The healing was nothing short of amazing.  I could feel the energy radiating through Elli's hands while she focused on each section of my body, working up from my feet to my head.  By the end of the experience, I was in a meditative state, a feeling of complete zen, and a wealth of positive energy radiating from my body; something I had never experienced and have difficulty even describing.  All I can say is that for hours after the session, I had an intense feeling of well-being that encompassed my entire body.  As a founder of a start-up, in the seed stage, I am exposed to a large amount of associated stress every day for the large majority of the day.  For the following four to five days after my healing, my demeaner and psyche was (very) noticeably calm and at peace, in the face of what would otherwise be intense stress.  I felt more centered, calm and more ready to face each challenge than I have inside any other circumstance.  I now live in a different town than Elli, but if I could I would go for at least a healing a week.  It is something you will never understand you are missing until you try it for yourself.  Elli is an extremely gifted healer and has an infectious calm energy that benefits anyone she comes in contact with.  I highly recommend her."

-Ben Kilmer
Co-founder, partner at GroMobi, LLC

"Receiving energy healing treatments from Elli Yokochi has been a profound journey.  Each time I am surprised by how many emotional knots she can help untangle and by new psycho-spiritual insights which take root within me.  I am an exquisitely sensitive individual and Elli works skillfully with my needs and preferences.  She is a very competent and intuitive healing facilitator and I hope to continue working with her for many months to come."
Craniosacral therapist, spiritual astrologer


Elli is a magical superhuman healing queen.  I came to her struggling with grief, fears around receptivity, and family of origin issues.   Quickly, and with ease, she helped me see a surprise underlying cause, and to lift and heal patterns of fear, lack, and sorrow. In our work together I began to feel calmer, more in my body, and with more gratitude, joy, and presence for life.  Weaving together deep compassion with holographic energy medicine, Elli's healing work is potent medicine for the physical, emotional, and energetic body.  Highly recommended!

-Asherah Eden,

Bad Ass Trauma Slayer and Embodiment & Sensuality Catalyst (www.asheraheden.com)


Elli came to me--or rather was brought to me--during a time of great change and hardship in my life. Her tender heart, sweet nature, gentle spirit, empathy, emotional insight, and spiritual wisdom were exactly what I needed, at exactly the right time. Not only did she help me greatly with spiritual cleansing and emotional healing, but she was a kind, gentle, and supportive friend.I would also like to say that, even though her beliefs and mine differ significantly, she was always respectful and sensitive.

Elli is a born healer; an angel of light: she has a divine gift that one can feel just being in her presence. If you are hurting, she can help you.

Michael D., Charlottesville, VA

Our wildest dreams are our true dreams.
— Paulo Coelho